All pools open for public use must comply with Section 19-13b33b of the Connecticut Public Health Code. District Sanitarians conduct a comprehensive pool inspection at least annually. This comprehensive inspection ensures that the pool is equipped with all the necessary safety equipment, including:

  • first-aid kits
  • safety signage
  • emergency phone numbers
  • depth markers on pool deck
  • life-saving equipment
  • water quality testing logs

In addition, chemical analysis of pool water is conducted on a more frequent basis, especially during the hot summer months when chlorine levels dissipate more quickly. Chemical analysis of pool water includes the following:

  • clarity
  • disinfectant levels
  • pH
  • total alkalinity

Any deficiencies in pool structure or water quality are discussed with the pool operator and addressed in a timely manner. In the event that unsafe or unsanitary conditions pose a public health risk, the District Sanitarian takes immediate steps to close the pool until the pool is brought up to code.

District Sanitarians maintain historical records of all pool inspections and licenses. If you would like to obtain information regarding any particular pool establishment within the Ledge Light Health District, please contact Katie Baldwin, Supervisor, Regulated Facilities & Housing.

The District also responds to all inquiries or complaints regarding public pools. To make a complaint, please complete our citizen complaint form.


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