Food Service Establishments

Ledge Light Health District is responsible for licensing and regulating activities involving the preparation and service of food that is sold or given to the public within the District. This includes traditional food service establishments, temporary events, and vendors.

For information about food service regulations, please click on the Food Service Establishments button above.

The District also responds to all inquiries or complaints regarding food establishments. To make a complaint, please complete our citizen complaint form.

Adoption of FDA Model Food Code

Connecticut has adopted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Model Food Code and big changes are coming to Connecticut and LLHD! LLHD conducted an informational session to discuss what changes are being implemented and how these changes will affect the procedures of both LLHD and our regulated establishments.

Click here to download the Info Session Presentation.

Click here for more Information on Certified Food Protection Manager and Person in Charge.

In addition, please see the CT Department of Public Health Food Protection Program Circular letter explaining the implementation deadlines and a CT DPH “draft” side by side comparison of how restaurant classifications will change (October 1, 2017). For general questions about the FDA changes, please contact Ryan McCammon at 860-448-4882 extension 1301 or