Indoor Air Quality

A variety of environmental factors can affect the quality of the air you breathe in your home or work place. Indoor air contamination may be the result of poor air exchange, pet dander, mold/mildew, tobacco smoke, or other respiratory irritants. Poor quality air can impact your health by making conditions such as Asthma worse.

Ledge Light Health District is a founding member of the Southeastern Connecticut Indoor Air Quality Coalition. The primary focus of the Coalition is to identify and address indoor air quality problems in homes, schools, work and gathering places.

Helpful Resources

  • Ledge Light Health District’s Putting on AIRS Program addresses how indoor air quality could be negatively affecting Asthma.
  • More information on indoor air quality is available from the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health websites.
  • A word about Ozone Generating Air Purifiers: Many people wanting to improve the quality of the air in their homes are actually making it worse by using air purifiers that intentionally produce ozone. The Connecticut Department of Public Health recommends that ozone generators not be used in the home. For more information, please see our public health alert regarding these products.