Breathe Well

Breathe Well is an in-home asthma management program that is coordinated with Lawrence and Memorial Hospital and other regional partners. Breathe Well includes community outreach, school-based education, and in-home visits for children and adults living with asthma. Breathe Well was developed, based on the Connecticut Putting on AIRS Program (Asthma Indoor Risk Strategies), CDC’s best practices, and the EPA’s review of successful in-home programs across the country.

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Breathe Well helps you learn more about asthma. With your permission, trained staff checks your home for things that may make your asthma worse.

  • Who will check my home for asthma triggers?
    Our Breathe Well Coordinator and one of our Sanitarians will visit your home. They will go over their findings with you. They may make suggestions to help you control your child’s (or your) asthma.
  • Will the Breathe Well Coordinator answer questions about asthma?
    The Asthma Educator will review your medical provider’s asthma plan and your asthma medicines with you. She will help you understand how to better control your asthma. You should always speak with your doctor or nurse when you have questions or when you have problems with your asthma.
  • What happens then?
    Breathe Well staff will share the findings and suggestions with your doctor with your permission.

Helpful Resources

  • To arrange for a FREE home visit – call our Breathe Well Program Coordinator, Cindy Barry at 860-448-4883.
  • For more information on asthma, click here.