While we hope to reach a point in our community when we can support most people in accessing treatment and good health we must acknowledge the reality that overdoses will continue to occur. There is great opportunity to prevent deaths by ensuring that our community is saturated with Naloxone kits, that people throughout the community know how and when to administer this life-saving medication and that people who are using opioids know about Connecticut’s Good Samaritan laws and don’t fear calling 9-1-1 if someone they are using with overdoses.

The Opioid Action Team will be working with the police and fire departments, EMS, and other agencies to collect and analyze data about past overdose reversals and identify geographic “hotspots” and/or vulnerable populations where outreach and education and Naloxone distribution would be most beneficial.

Helpful Resources

  • Ask your pharmacy if they carry naloxone – most insurances cover it for a small co-pay. If you need help covering your co-pay or deductable or cannot get naloxone from your pharmacy, call Jennifer Muggeo at 860.448.4882, ext. 1300 for assistance.
  • If you work with people vulnerable to opioid overdose and would like an on-site training/distribution of naloxone, please contact Jennifer Muggeo at 860.448.4882, ext. 1300.