Coordinated Access to Treatment and Recovery Support Services

One of the most important actions we as a community can take is to connect people with substance use disorder to appropriate and on-demand treatment. Currently, connection with treatment resources is fragmented and dependent on a person’s individual insurance status, knowledge of the treatment system, and, too often, the day of the week, time of the day, and individual biases about treatment options. Access to treatment can even be dependent on personnel relationships; you should not have to “know someone” in order to access treatment.

The Opioid Action Team envisions a coordinated access network, built on lessons learned from the coordinated network that has been developed locally and modeled across the state to connect those who are homeless or facing homelessness with housing. The Team will work with organizations that provide treatment and recovery support services to build a true system of care coordination. Every person in our community should have equal access to their desired and the most appropriate type of treatment and recovery support services.