Beach or bathing water quality is measured by the presence of enterococcal organisms, which are a group of organisms that may indicate the presence of potentially harmful bacteria. The State of Connecticut has issued guidelines for bathing water quality which are used to determine if a bathing area needs to be resampled or posted with an advisory.  A concentration of enterococcal organisms exceeding 104 colonies per 100 ml of marine water, and 235 colonies per 100 ml for fresh water is considered unsatisfactory for bathing.

Ledge Light Health District wants to ensure that your day at the beach doesn’t result in illness related to poor water quality. At least once a week from mid-May to mid-September, our Sanitarians collect water samples from different bathing areas throughout the District. The water samples are then sent to the State laboratory for analysis.  If any of the samples exceed the State guidelines we resample the water to verify the result.  If the second test confirms the level, a bathing advisory is posted at that location. We will continue to monitor the site and remove the posting as soon as the levels are safe.  If you have any additional questions concerning beaches or public bathing water, please contact Kimberly White, Lead Sanitarian.

Bathing Water Sampling Sites

The sampling sites in bold are EPA beach grant beaches (EPA monitors results from these beaches). For a map of sampling sites, click here

East Lyme

Attawan Beach
Black Point Beach Club (Nehantic)
Black Point Beach Club (Osprey)
Boardwalk Beach
Giants Neck Beach (East)
Giants Neck Heights
Gorton Pond
Hole-In-Wall Beach
McCooks Point (Main)
Oak Grove Beach
Pine Grove
Saunders Point Beach (Oak Street)

New London

Green Harbor
L & M Beach
Mitchell College Beach
Ocean Beach (2 sites)


Highland Park


East Shore (North)
East Shore (South)
Eastern Point Beach (West)
Esker Point
Jupiter Point
Mumford Cove
Noank Dock
South Shore (West)
West Shore (West)


Pleasure Beach
Waterford Beach (East)


Helpful Resources

  • To download a listing of the bathing water sampling sites in pdf format, click on the following link:
    Bathing Water Sampling Sites
  • The EPA Beach Monitoring and Notification website has information on public health and environmental protection for beachgoers across the country.
  • The CDC has information on staying safe and enjoying healthy water activities.
  • Visit the Sound Health Explorer website for water quality reports for beaches along Long Island Sound.