About the Health Improvement Collaborative (HIC)

The Health Improvement Collaborative of SECT is a group of organizations and residents who are committed to working together to creating opportunities for health for all our residents. Organized in 2015, the group led the development of the comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans in 2016 and 2019 that you can read on this page.

The Health Improvement Collaborative has a vision of Southeastern CT as a community healthy in body and mind that promotes access, health equity, social justice, inclusiveness, and opportunities for all. Our group’s values include the intentional creation of a culture of trust, authenticity in seeking community involvement, inclusiveness, respectfulness of cultural consideration and differences, and social justice.

Partners on the Health Improvement Collaborative include public health, healthcare, academia, social service organizations, municipal departments, housing, first responders, philanthropy, community advocacy groups, and residents to name a few! We would love for you to join the effort. Please contact jmuggeo@llhd.org for more information about our meetings and work.