Community Partners

Ledge Light Health District is committed to providing quality services and meeting the needs of our communities. We are fortunate to have many partners who share our dedication to building healthy and safe communities. From health education to environmental protection to emergency response planning, we work together with local and state health, social service and government agencies to build healthy and safe communities for our residents.

The six municipalities which the District serves are our key partners. We work together with these municipalities by providing a public health perspective and helping to integrate public health into their daily activities. We also benefit from their support of our activities and programs.

Our partnerships with our municipal members extend to their respective school districts as well, as we work together to bring education about public health issues and healthy living to their students and faculty.

Our public health partners include other local health districts and departments. Sharing expertise and resources enables us to launch New London County-wide health programs and initiatives.

Our health partnerships extend to health care organizations, bringing together our focus on prevention with their dedication to healing.

Our partnerships with community social service agencies are crucial to the fulfillment of our vision of a healthy community. Their programs and ours benefit from mutual support and shared resources and knowledge.