LLHD has a staff of friendly professionals dedicated to protecting the public’s health. We look forward to helping you!

The LLHD main office is located at 216 Broad Street in New London. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

You can reach any staff member by calling 860.448.4882 or emailing [email protected]. Extension numbers and email links are listed below.

Staff NamePositionPhone (860.448.4882)Email
Helen AdapFinancial Coordinatorextension 1388[email protected]
Ida AmadorSanitarian Iextension 1307[email protected]
Katie BaldwinSupervisor, Environmental Healthextension 1319[email protected]
Cindy BarrySenior Health Program Coordinatorextension 1302[email protected]
Michael BibensSanitarian Iextension 1310[email protected]
Joseph BlanchardSanitarian IIextension 1316[email protected]
Amparo BustamanteCommunity Health Workerextension 1332[email protected]
George CalkinsSenior Sanitarian860-941-6008[email protected]
Stephanye ClarkeSenior Health Program Coordinatorextension 1322[email protected]
Mary DaySupervisor, Communicable Disease Preventionextension 1397[email protected]
Dawn DeStefanoContact Tracerextension 1384[email protected]
Tyler Do-TaylorAdministrative Assistant IIextension 1346[email protected]
Catherine DragooGrants Managerextension 1312[email protected]
Melissa EdmonsonPublic Health Nurseextension 1334[email protected]
Kim HamleySenior Sanitarianextension 1301[email protected]
Cheryl HaaseEnvironmental Technician IIextension 1313[email protected]
Estelle HarrisonCommunications Coordinatorextension 1314[email protected]
Josh HenryData & Logistics Coordinatorextension 1396[email protected]
Danielle HolmesSenior Sanitarianextension 1329[email protected]
Wendy IrelandEnvironmental Technician Iextension 1308[email protected]
Karl JenningsHealth Program Coordinator IIextension 1335[email protected]
Margaret LancasterHealth Program Coordinator IIextension 1311[email protected]
Kris MagnussenPublic Health Nurseextension 1331[email protected]
Veronica MallquiHealth Program Coordinatorextension 1386[email protected]
Kerensa MansfieldSenior Health Program Coordinatorextension 1309[email protected]
Jennifer MuggeoDirector of Healthextension 1300[email protected]
Maria Munar GonzalezHealth Program Coordinator IIextension 1385[email protected]
Patti MyersEnvironmental Technician I860-434-1605 x214[email protected]
Nisha PatelFinancial Coordinatorextension 1317[email protected]
Lizbeth Polo-SmithCommunity Health Worker IIextension 1320[email protected]
Odalys Reyes MoralesSanitarian Iextension 1383[email protected]
Lupita SantosEnvironmental Technician Iextension 1321[email protected]
Ruben SantiagoNavigatorextension 1382[email protected]
Charlene SwinkSenior Sanitarianextension 1395[email protected]
Brigid WhiteSenior Sanitarianextension 1398[email protected]
Carolyn WilsonSenior Health Program Coordinatorextension 1318[email protected]
Corona ZhangHealth Program Coordinator IIextension 1351[email protected]


Community Ambassadors, Interns & Outreach Team
Morris Burch
Zoe Jensen
Mono Michel
Neelam Talati
Erin Turban
Tiffany Vicente