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216 Broad Street I New London, CT 06320


Fax: 860-448-4885

Emergency After Hours: 860-445-2000

About Ledge Light Health District

Ledge Light Health District – LLHD – serves as the local health department for East Lyme, Groton, Ledyard, New London and Waterford, Connecticut. As a health district, formed under Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-241, LLHD is a special unit of government, allowing member municipalities to provide comprehensive public health services to residents in a more efficient manner by consolidating the services within one organization.

The Director of Health and staff of LLHD work to promote health and wellness among the 120,000 residents we serve. By enforcing the Connecticut Public Health Code, conducting health education programs, monitoring disease outbreaks and nurturing our environment, LLHD is focused on promoting healthy communities.